Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Glowing in the morning.

Follow Parker foot steps by getting out early in the morning for Sunrise shot.  These are old photos from New Mexico, and Arizona.


  1. Real nice! If only there was away to prolong those fleeting moments as the sun peeks over the horizon. My! How fast it rises for the photographer taking advantage of those first magic rays of light!

  2. Both are really nice shots but that first one gives you the feel of standing right there, underneath the rock formation. I really like that top one!

    Getting up early to take photos? I've never heard of that. LOL

  3. Oldies but Beautiful oldies. Saw your other post with all your desert type photos and can really see it turned into a calendar. Great Job!

  4. Both beautiful scenes! I have to agree with Ron on the first shot though, great perspective and the sky in that shot is pretty amazing also!


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