Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Midday Lilies

Here are the best photos I took of the lilies from Ron and I's outing the other day.


  1. Good work Aaron. Well composed shots. Like your angle of approach in that 3rd shot.

  2. I like these. I agree with Parker that the third shot is the best although the first shot is a close second.

  3. Good job on the focusing on all pictures, it must be on the calm day. I think it would be cool to create some HDR shots, if you could take one of these flowers, and put on the old piano in that old house on the property. Also, you can try on the f/40, I'm wondering how long the exposure going to be like for 5 bracket shots? LOL.

    1. That would be a really hard shot to get. The old house was torn down last winter before it collapsed on it's own. Now the spot is just a big patch of flat ground and weeds.

  4. Great subject matter and nice pictures! I have to agree with the others, of the four pictures the third one definitely catches my eye.


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