Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nightly news from Port Hardy...

Several weeks ago Global News the main news provider for the Provence of British Columbia announced that it was going to broadcast the nightly news from various locations on Vancouver Island beginning with Port Hardy...

Sure enough on the day of the much anticipated news broadcast the weather turned normal... Normal for Port Hardy anyway... The skies opened up and the rain bucketed down! A light rain for this part of the world.

What a production, people scurrying here and there in their rain gear with plastic covered equipment in one hand and an umbrella in the other getting everything setup. Us North Islanders don't use umbrellas as we like to use both hands and the silly things just turn inside out and blow away anyway...

After taking these pictures I headed home,  lit the wood stove and sat down to watch the evening news. I must say I was impressed with the broadcast. Not one single slur about the North Island weather or the numerous rednecks that kept dodging behind the news anchor to get in the picture and mouth the words "Hi Mom" while waving furiously. All in all very professionally done, and their tent didn't even blow away!


  1. this made me smile. thanks for giving us a glimpse of your 'northern redneck town' existence. :)

  2. Quite a production :). I would probably one of the goobers jumping up and down behind the reporter.

  3. Like your coverage of the event. Rainy day windshield photography makes for some neat pics. Sure like that third pic with the overflowing gutters. Illustrates the situation well!

  4. I didn't know you have some rednecks in your area! However, we need some of those rain in our area.

  5. Rain is nice but I wouldn't want to work in it. Nice shots of the event. Burning hte wood stove already? You're going to need lots of wood!


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