Saturday, March 12, 2011

End of the road...

A bit of a drismal day, but I did get a chance to take a few pictures just the same. This picture is with the Sigma 10-20 at about 15mm.

If you follow the Highway as far North as you can go on Vanvouver Island you find yourself in Port Hardy. Even though this is the end of the road there is still much further you can go by car ferry to Prince Rupert. From Prince Rupert you can continue inland by road or board the Alaska State Ferry to various ports there.


  1. By looking at this photo, I just want to take a vacation now. What a peaceful place this is. Good work!

  2. Like the way you composed this photo. It really gives the feeling of being at the end of the road. The Lady and her dog looking at the Ferry and the open water leading to the far shore also lets me know there is also the beginning of a new road in the distance.

  3. It does look a little dreary there! At first I thought that was a small cruise ship docked in the bay. It looks cold and like it's going to snow!


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