Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Firing up the fleet

With all these natural disasters in different places lately I figured I should have a look through some of the bits and pieces I have put away for just such an emergency and make sure everything is ready. Tonight after I cleaned and refueled the lamps I lit them all up, it was such a pretty sight I had to get the camera out and take a picture before I packed them all away again.


  1. What a nice collection of Lamps you have there. This view is a pretty sight and makes for an unusual shot. Of all the photo sites I visit this may be a first of burning lanterns.

    Sparkling clean Globes, and well trimmed Wicks make for a pleasent cast light.
    No Smoke or Soot on this Great Picture!!!

  2. That's a nice Aladin you have in the center there. It's also a pretty nice photo!

    Have you got anything stored away to keep you from glowing in the dark? :~)

    Being prepared is a very good thing. It's a moto I try to live by all of the time.

  3. Not much worry about glowing in the dark around where I live. The nearest nukable large city is 200 miles away and the nearest Nuclear power plant is 400 miles.
    Our biggest worry is mother nature... Storms, earthquakes, forest fires that sort of thing. Being at the end of the road means that you are the last to get help so you have to look after yourself a little longer thats all.


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