Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Flowers!

I have position my camera on top of the flower, and fill-in with the flash. Also, I covered the flash head with a piece of cardboard with a hole about a size of a nickle in the center. That way only my main object will expose, and the rest of the frame under expose.


  1. What Colors!! The bottom picture with your clever way of using the flash is an eye catcher.

    Also many thanks for introducing frames to Shutterbugs!

  2. All three are great but I especially like the bottom photo. I think it's the colors and design that draw me in.

    I've heard of the flash technique before. I may have even heard it from you, I just can't remember.

  3. Very nice set of photographs! Each flower is complementry to the others. All three would look good mounted in a common frame with the top photo as the center piece.

    Interesting technique with the flash. I look forward to trying that next time I get a chance.


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