Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's not Hawaii...

It's not Hawaii, it's not warm, the sun isn't out in fact it's cold windy and wet and those arn't real surf boards but these two fellows were having a great time "skim boarding" in the shallow water at the beaches edge.

In fact this isn't even a very good photograph as I took it though the windshield of my pickup truck between swipes of the wiper blades... But it is a nice frame! LOL


  1. It is a great frame!! LOL

    The shot isn't too bad either. You can see a little blur in it but that beats getting out in the rain and getting your camera wet!

    Those guys must have been young, I used to do things like that once! (a long time ago)

  2. These guys must have a Cabin Fever! Good capture, the fog really add the cold to it. Good Work!

  3. Shot of Opportunity! Fun is where you find it! There is a hint of Sunshine on the horizen.

    Human Interest Photo with good frame of the right color!!


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