Friday, March 25, 2011


" Q " brought up Wildflowers in his last post, so thought I would just show a couple from last year! First one is an 'Antelope Horn' that I found at the East entrance to the Refuge by the Information Pullout. This plant belongs to the milkweed family.

This large yellow flower is the bloom of the Prickly Pear Cactus.

The Wildlife Refuge has flowers blooming all thru the spring, summer, and up until late fall. Some months are alot more 'showy' than others. To be able to capture all the varieties you must visit the refuge monthly and sometimes weekly. Even doing that, weather conditions can alter your best laid plans. I have even noticed where the controlled burns have happened, I will see flowers that are new to me!

So 'Q' . Even if its a drought year there is usually a flower of the wild variety in the Wichitas that will put a smile on your most able lens! May is usually the showy month (for me) but some of the less frequent seen varities appear in different months.
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  1. When I was young I swore to myself that I would never be one of those bird watcher types or one who knows the names of plants and flowers and all that dumb stuff. 35 years later... I find myself interested in all of these things. Never say never I guess! LOL

    These are both very nice pictures and both have complementry frames to go with. Nice shooting!

  2. Paul, I know what you are talking about. I felt the same way when I was younger. Only problem I have now is remembering which is what! Love good Field Guides. I call it 'information overload', LOL.

  3. These are excelent photos. I like the sharpness, and the background being blury. By looking at these photos they are sure from the wild, and photographer have to work hard for it. Good Work!

  4. I agree with everyone else, these are great shots! Really nice frames too!

    The trees are just now starting to bud out down here so everything should be green in just a couple of weeks. I can't wait to get out and do some hiking!

  5. Hi Parker. Thanks for your comments over at A Camp Host's Meanderings. And thanks for following along so attentively on my journey. Just got a new camera as I blew out my Pentax. Nikon D3100. I like the results so far but just getting to know it. I heard today that Pentax will give a free estimate on repair so I am going to send it in to see if it is salvageable. I think I unconsciously made it so that I would have to get a new camera. I've been wanting video capacity and now I have it. So what are you up to? What are your photography dreams?


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