Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March, In like a Lion...

Woke up yesterday to 6" of white surprise! My dogs sures loved it.
Then today we woke up in the dark after a wet stormy night...
The trees definately bested the power lines this round!
Hopefully that's the end of the "In like a Lion" part.
Now bring on the "Out like a Lamb"!


  1. O'l Man Winter just doesn't want to give up. From the looks of your woodshed I would say you still have plenty of firewood left to keep warm. The dogs don't seem to be complaining ( Very nice pic of a couple of fine photogenic pets ) ! Trees on power lines, not a good thing!

    I never know what gender to call your dogs??

  2. My dogs are both male. The big one is Buster a 110 lb Maremma sheep dog and the little one is Sunny a Malimut X. Do you remember the TV sit-com "The Odd Couple"? They are kind of like Oscar and Felix, the big one stubborn and grumpy the little one positive and upbeat.

  3. Thanks for introduction of Buster and Sunny. Good looking 'Boys'!

  4. I always love seeing photos of your dogs. They always look happy and like they are enjoying life. That says something about you too!

    I like the wood shed shot. It kind of makes a statement all it's on about the weather.


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