Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tracking a rare species

It wasn't an easy task and it took almost three days but after watching my subject for hours I finally got a shot of the ever so rare "two legged Q". This species is usually known for having five legs, three in the front and two in the back but on this one particular day I got lucky and was able to photograph the ellusive two legged version!

Q without a tripod, who would have thought! LOL

Q and his family spent a few days here in the campground and I got to take an afternoon to show them some of the sites and get a few photo tips from the master himself. And just in case you are wondering, he did chastise me for not bringing my tripod! If you look closely you will see Q's tripod in the bottom left hand corner. I think he took one, maybe two shots without it. He is definitely a disciplined photographer.

I'll have several photos of this afternoon trip to post and a few just to show Parker the food he missed. Man-0-Man can Q cook!!


  1. Probably more elusive than Bigfoot! After a search in Google this is the only picture that I could find. Very rare indeed.

    Food Pics! Yea! Pics of food that Parker missed out on, BUMMER! Just wondering?--Q's backpack almost rivals yours for size, Was it full of food?LOL

  2. Actually, his backback is a lot smaller than mine. I shot this with the wide angle lens so it just looks bigger! LOL

  3. Q shooting without a tripod! My whole world is crumbling around me... LOL

    Looks like the weather cooperated for his visit. I can hardly wait for the food pictures you have eluded to!

  4. I just want to say that you and Cheryl such a good host to our family like always. My kids did not want to go home today, and already plan for the next trip back to camp Doris this Summer. This camping trip wouldn't be fun with out you taking your valuable time to show us the highlight of the area.

    Also, we love the Chinese dumplings that you made for us, and my wife would like a recipe if you don't mind. By the way, very nice story about the tripod! I have think of something to get you back next time when I see you. LOL.

  5. By looking at your photo, and compared to my picture. How do you get the blue sky like that?

  6. Q, the recipe for the dumplings is;

    ground pork, garlic, ginger, green onion, salt, black pepper, white pepper, soy sauce, oyster sauce and just a little water.

    I was told by the chinese gentleman that gave me this recipe that you should only stir in one direction. Don't know why but that's what he told me.

    If you let the mix sit for several hours the flavors will build a little better. I like to let it set for a day in the fridge but I didn't have time to do that when you were here.

    The wrappers are a simple mix of water and flower and then they are steamed for 20-30 minutes depending on how many you cook at a time.

    The dipping sauce is half soy sauce, half water, a little oyster sauce and some red pepper. This gets better as you let it set also because the red pepper flake will put the spice in the sauce.


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