Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Many of the rock formations in these Ancient and well worn Granite Mountains have been given names that assimilate images that resemble common objects! APPLE&PEAR , works for me!
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  1. Good job on adding the vignetting on this photo. It goes really well with blown out background. Are you sure you didn't take any photography class or photoshop training before?

  2. No classes or training'Q'. Trial and error! I have only owned a Digital camera for about three years now. Picasa 3 editing program helps me with my pics. I still always try to take my pics so I don't have to change anything, but I really like being able to crop and tweak if it will help make the pic more interesting.

  3. This formation looks like two fat people sitting back to back to me! Good capture!

    Did you know that there used to be 4 rocks there... LOL (Ron can tell you about this sometime)!

  4. Paul, Yes I remember that well. When I was first introduced to Shutterbugs as I was going back in the archives Your post of 'Crab Eyes" in Dual popped up.I instantly started a search online and in my books of the Wichitas. Then the lightbulb finally came on?! That Post is a Classic!!!


  5. Good Eye Paul. Using the Apple and Pear as the Heads, does appear to be fat guys using each other for backrests.

  6. Everybody is a comedian, don't make me get the Hawaii calendar out again! LOL

    I'd definitely call that fog! I'm still not sure why they call those the apple and pair though, maybe big rock and little rock? :~)

    Nice capture on the fog. I love hiking in the fog.


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