Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Spring and Summer will be here soon enough. This young family from the great State of Texas were visiting Quartz Mtn. State Park in SW Oklahoma last year at the same time as I.

Quad Cab Truck--Triple Axel Trailer--Water Craft on Back

Friendly Folks and well mannered children all. I asked ' How long will You'all be here?' We got here yesterday but will be leaving this afternoon!

Short Stay, Long Vacation!
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  1. I'm sure the overall length exceeded the Max in both States! But we live in a small populated corner of the world, so what the Heck, 'Lets" Go For It!

  2. Wow! How would you even drive that??? I would not want to go through city traffic with that rig or even tunr a corner for that matter!

    I would assume they unhook the wave runner BEFORE trying to back up?

    It looks like you had to stand waaaaay back to get the whole rig in the frame.

  3. Man-Oh-Man I would hate to get myself way down some twisty little road with that setup only to find I had to back all the way out again! LOL

    That trailer is a beauty, I'll bet it cost more than my house...

    Great find, good story and picture.

  4. Yep! You Might Be A Redneck if you do that.

    Good Picture!


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