Monday, March 7, 2011


Not really. Just Sundown at Caprock Canyon! While camped out in my Travel Trailer, a fifth wheel, in this remote State Park of West Texas a storm was brewing over in New Mexico. Blowing dust was filling the air. A fiery sunset was sure to follow. A perfect formula for a novice cameraman to maybe capture a dramatic and dynamite photo.
Well, first mistake was I didn't listen to Quynh Le and left my Tri-Pod in my trailer,(now where did I pack it)! No it was not my cover shot but maybe somebody will like it.

I will say that every Photographer should get to experience the Magical and extreme bending of the Light from an approaching Dust Storm below the Cap Rock!

Just had to include a pic of my sturdy steed bathed in the light of the fire. So becoming of Her!
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  1. Very nice! I love the top shot! It does look like the sky is on fire.

    Great frame too! The frames really do make a difference. Who would have thought? I guess we need to thank Q for that one too. One of these days he'll make real photographers out of all of us!

    Isn't there supposed to be a girl in a bikini modeling in front of a vehicle when you take a picture of it? I thought that was a rule? LOL

  2. Definately firey skys in both these pictures!

    I agree with Ron on how well frames give our pictures a nice finished look. Thank you Q!

    Girl or no girl that's a fine looking steed you have there. Perfect for the traveling photographer on the prowl!


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