Saturday, March 12, 2011

Something from the wide angle

I haven't had much of a chance to do anything fun the last 3-4 weeks and that includes taking photos. I did get out about two weeks ago and take a few photos but it has taken me this long just to get them off the camera and look at them.

I had intended on taking a few sunset photos on this day but the clouds and sun weren't going to cooperate so I switched up my plans and got a little "clouds on the water" action using the Sigma wide angle lens.


  1. Fine quality photo! All the elements of photography are in place in my eyes.

    A beautful observation and presentation of what I believe to be Post Oak Lake (west lake).

  2. Man, you're good! I'll have to starting hiking again so I can show you some new spots! LOL

  3. Very nice Ron! Love the way you used the ultra wide to capture the moody looking sky and it's reflection.

  4. Niceeeeeeeeeeeeee! This location is perfect for wide angle lense. I like it!


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