Thursday, March 17, 2011

My versions

This one is just for Q. Although I know very well it should have been shot using a tripod, as usual, I didn't have mine with me. Go figure! LOL

This was shot at 1/8 of a second, F36 using a number 8 neutral density filter. Did I mention it was shot hand held? LOL I did use a fence post to steady my hands with though.

A different angle than Q but he did pick the spot!

How'd I get the sky so blue????

While Q was here he was gracious enough to spend a little time with me showing me the ins and outs of NX2. Although I have already forgotten a couple of things he showed me (I'm old) I will figure them out again soon enough. I will also say that now that I have the basics of NX2 stored in my brain I think I like it more than I do the Elements program I am using. Putting more blue in the sky was a simple and quick fix with the Nikon software, no layers or difficult steps required.

I also have to say that I have learned you can't use just one photo program. I still am using Elements to make the frames and a few minor adjustments I haven't figured out in NX2 yet but I will be doing the majority of my post processing in NX2 from now on.

Q has also convinced me to shoot in RAW. Something NX2 makes simple for working on and converting to other file types. Shooting in RAW does give you a little more wiggle room for fixing those not so perfect shots and I seem to take a lot of those!


  1. Raw? NX2? What next a tripod? LOL

    These all came out real nice! Looks like you and Q had a fun time exploring around.


    Maybe , Just Maybe, a solid carved stick of proper height should be brought into the picture! I would forget that to!!


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