Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mount Scott.


  1. Very nice! I especially like the one where you craeled down into the crevice to take the shot (number 3) and the last one with the tree.

    The black and white makes them look really nice.

  2. B&W really captures the feel of the Wichitas in the winter!

    Pic #1 of the Wind Machines on top of the Slick Hills captures the blade action.

    Favorite is of Mt. Sheridan in #2.

    Photographing the Wichitas presents a unique challange. I can see you are up to the task! Maybe B&W along with the beautiful Sunsets and Sunrises which must be shot in color is a good choice.

  3. What a good place to take pictures this Mount Scott. I agree with Ron, I too really like the last two shots in this series.


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