Thursday, March 17, 2011

Light photo bag...

My photo bag is a little lighter this past week or so as I finally got around to sending my Sigma 120-400 in for repairs. As I sent it off I wondered to myself how many good bird pictures I would miss out on...
Then yesterday I was out and this young Eagle lands nearby on the beach so I go back to the truck get my camera with the 18-135 Nikon lens on it. Cautously I creep to within 30 feet of the young bird, brace the camera and myself against a tree trunk and take a few pictures. After I was finished and back in the truck I see this "Tacky Tourist" with a "Point and shoot" walk boldly up to within 10 feet of the young Eagle and take a couple of quick tourist type shots and walk away, The bird didn't budge!
What is this world coming to I wonder to myself as I drive away laughing at myself! LOL


  1. WOW!! I had no idea the Eagles were hatching at this time of year! We have a wintering presence of them a scant 25 miles at Lake Arcadia from my home. You have lit the curiosity fire! Next year observances will be in order!

    So Awkward and Juvinile this feathered youth looks!

    Moral to the story! Take your shots as we all do, Then just test the comfort level of your prey! I think that the young eaglett was just that 'untested'

  2. Excelent photos. I like the color of the log that the bird standing on, it match the color of the bird. The picture is sharp, and the lighting is perfect. If you have no problem finding the Eagles in your area, I think it's time to cheat by feeding them with Mice if that "legal". This way you could capture some action shot. Good Job!

  3. As always, great eagle photos! (Did I mention I hate it that you can get those? LOL)

    The eagle looks cross-eyed in the first photo. Maybe that's why the tourist was able to get so close! LOL


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