Sunday, March 6, 2011


While out walking on a nearby beach yesterday we found a drowned Eagle. You don't realize just how large these birds are until you get up close. For scale my 6'4" Son held his hand beside one of the Eagles tallons while I took a picture.


  1. Now that's one of the scarry tallons. On my last trip to Wyoming, they have told me that the park Ranger have found a dog collar in the Eagle nest, and it was belong to a 18 bls. dog. Also, there's a few reports that occured in Alaska every year that the Eagles attacks human walking on the street. I wonder these Eagles capable to the a small toddler.

  2. My, what big hands you have. LOL

    I don't think I would want one of those trying to grab my collar and pick me up! It makes you wonder how the eagle drown. Did he miscalculate a dive to get a fish?

    They are some VERY big birds.

  3. Visual definition of 'Getting a Grip'. Very muscular toes or fingers (?) When closed nothing much could escape when the talons penetrated the flesh!


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