Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Frozen In Time

Screaming Man
Not to be confused with the famous painting , The Scream, by Edvard Munch. Nature herself created this sculpture from solid granite, and it was built to last!
Perched high on the edge of a canyon wall the countenance can be seen when the light is just right so as to cast shadows on it's features. A good imagination also helps! 
Falling Man
In my minds eye it was easy to see the reason for the scream. This person was falling with nothing to stop the fall but the rocky canyon floor. The terror and scream must have been so intense it was Frozen in Time!
A few years back I was viewing a photographers work of the Wichita Mtns.Wildlife Refuge at a showing and happened to notice a b&w framed shot she called Falling Man. It was a haunting photo that stuck in my mind. I knew I had to find that location! I actually found and shot pics a year ago but it was the wrong time of day. These pics were shot last month at a later time of day. Used a feature called Focal Zoom in Picasa3 to give a falling effect!
Tomorrow, "The Last Words"!


  1. not sure i see the scream or not. :)

  2. Erie and haunting indeed, nicely captured Parker!

  3. A good imagination is right! LOL

    I like the effect you used on the photos. I had to check my glasses at first though!

  4. Scary, but very interesting thing to see in the wild. Good work on the special effect.

  5. YOU have a great imagination!!


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