Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kauai Waterfalls.

 These pictures are from helicopter ride in Kauai 2004.  Most of these pictures is not as sharp as I expected due to vibrations, and shooting through helicopter glass window.  However, if you in Kauai, this is must do, it's worth every penny.

Beside taking pictures, this is what I do on the Paradise.  


  1. There's nothing like a good nap after a hard days work of taking photos!

    It's amazing that there are that many waterfalls all in one spot. I really like the top photo, it gives you the feel of being on the island all alone.

    We have talked about taking a helicopter ride but Cheryl is afraid it's going to crash. LOL

  2. Very nice collection of waterfall photos! Never been to Kauai but it's definitely on my "to do list".

    Just about time to head back to paradise... I can feel it calling!

  3. Quite a maze of waterfalls on Kauai! I can see the view from a helicopter would be a good way to see them!


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