Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Last Words

Curious Markings
Located by the falling and screaming man were these cinnabar colored letters from an unkown alphabet. Was this his epitaph carefully etched in stone?
Mystery Writings
In what age and by whom was the author of these mysterious symbols and markings? That is the question. I ruled out graffiti as it would require ropes and climbing gear to reach this spot. Natural occurence from when these mountains were formed? Perhaps.
Snake Symbol?
This is where the imagination kicks in. If the letters, symbols and numbers were actually made by a people from an ancient time period, the screaming man must have had significant meaning in their culture. Maybe he was just a shaman, bit by a rattler and sacrificed in pain to the spirits? LOL!
All the above pics were color enhanced and cropped to better show the faint symbols and letters.
Natural or made by Man. What do you think?


  1. i like your version of the truth. :)

  2. Caveman graffiti! Makes you wonder if they had delinquents in those days.

  3. Not natural looking to me... Now one has to determine if it's Wallmart spray paint or animal fat mixed with red pigment applied through a hollow reed or something somewhere between.

    Nice find, gets one thinking!

  4. Definitely made by falling man!

  5. As much as I would like to say that was man made, the skeptic and investigator side of me says they are natural. The red lines seem to run along the lines in the rock making me think that is iron deposits in the granite that have rusted over the eons.

    Great photos though! You did a good job of bringing out the colors and lines.


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