Monday, November 26, 2012

Rain blob...

Well it wasn't really a rain bow because it didn't go anywhere, it was just there in the one place... More like a  blob than a bow. LOL

We've been getting a fair bit of rain over here on the Wet... er, I mean West Coast last few weeks, all we need now is a little more sun to go with and we would have lots of rainbows! Not complaining though as it's been quite mild so far this Fall.


  1. What a large splash of color when the Blob hit the water! Even a large bird flew over to investigate! A 'Shot of Opportunity'!

  2. LOL! Great title.

    We could sure use that rain here. Still really dry and the ponds are super low.

    The spot you took the photo looks like it would be great for a sunrise or sunset. I like the treed mountain in the background. You did a good job of capturing hte colors in the mist.

  3. First time I've seen something like this. Nice shot.

  4. I'm with Randy! This is one of a kind you won't see anywhere. Good work!


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