Friday, November 30, 2012

These photos are just captured this morning on Nikon 600mm "rented", and 70-200mm with 30%-50% cropped.  


  1. Agree with Tex. Wonderful shots of these winged water fowl!

  2. Wow all these beautiful captures and in one morning! Most people, especially myself would be fortunate to get half this many beautiful wildlife captures in a year of shooting... Impressive!

  3. Marvelous photos. I like the colors in that last photo.

  4. I guess you tokk these someplace around Dallas? I agree with Paul, the rest of us would be lucky too get half these shot in a year!

    1. You would get the same result if you do the same setup like me. Just look closely on lighting on every picture. Shoot with the sun, and wind behind you.
      Camera setup:
      Focus: C
      ISO: 400
      f/4 if your shutter speed above 1/1800
      Single point focusing
      Mattrix metering
      Frame rate CH.
      Focus lock tracking: short
      Mount your lens on a wimberly tripod head

      Normally, isn't easy to shoot humming birds, but these birds are in the large human population. Therefore, they are not shy, and you can get closer to them.

  5. Excellent shots! I love the Pintail in flight~they are such beautiful ducks!!


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