Thursday, February 17, 2011

Being flexible

Once again I have reached into the files of old megapixels to find something to post. This was taken in 2009 while I was working a job in St. Louis, MO.


  1. I need a couple of those pink Flamingos to put out in front of my 5th Wheel when I come down to visit. LOL

    Nice pic and the green in the frame sets it off!

  2. Great shot, love the green reflection in the water, contrasts well with the pink of the Flamingo.
    This brings to mind the time we painted my friends $500.00 truck bright pink and attached 25 plastic Flamingos to it for his 25th birthday! This same friend will soon be 50 and we've been hinting that 50 may be twice as bad! Only trouble is his vehicle these days is probably worth $40,000.00... Just have to use high quality paint this time I suppose. LOL

  3. By looking this picture, I need to find some free time to shoot birds again. Very nice job on selecting the color of the frame.


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