Monday, February 21, 2011


No rust on these tracks! Several Freight Trains a day assure a highly polished finish to the steel on these rails.
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  1. Very shiny and dead straight too!

    So why is it that when it gets hot or cold the power wires get all tight or droop but rail road tracks never seem to warp. By rights a mile long piece of steel should be changing length by a foot or two at least, probably more!

  2. It looks like they go on forever! I like this shot.

    As a little constructive criticism, I would have stepped to the left another 6 inches or so and shot straight down the middle. Everything else is perfect.

    Paul, I think the tracks are designed in such a way that they won't or can't bend much. Plus a mile long piece has several pieces in it and they are all staked down every foot or so which would hold it in place. Or was that just a rhetorical questions? LOL

  3. Ron after I posted the comment on Parker's picture I went looking around for an answer for my question on the internet.
    Aparently with the continuous welded tracks what they do is stretch the rails as they lay them and this gives them room to expand when they heat up. Who would have known!

  4. Good research and answers about the rails. Does anyone else miss the Clikity-Clack sound of the trains as they pass by.

  5. Man, are you old or what? LOL

    I've got a sister in law that owns a house that's not more than 50 feet from a train track. She says she doesn't even notice the train when it goes by any more. I don't think I could get that used to something!

  6. Hey Parker. Looks as though you got down low to shoot this one! I love what the change in perspective can do for a shot!

  7. When I saw your picture, ironically that I just finished watching Unstoppable movie! It seems to me this railroad it never ends. Very Nice!


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