Monday, February 14, 2011

From the top

Here's a couple of more from the desert just for Parker. This is Red Mountain in the background. I was VERY fascinated with this mountain and drawn to it everyday when I was out there but it is located on an Indian Reservation and they wouldn't let us hike out there. One of these days....

While at the top of a mountain for other reasons I took this shot looking east towards the Superstition Mountains. I was trying to get more color from the blooming cactus but I wasn't that succsessful. I was also very tired by the time I got to the top so I wasn't thinking straight! LOL

As a side note, the wife and I went to the "Big City" this weekend and while we were there I took the opportunity to do a little camera shopping. I didn't buy anything, not yet anyway, but I was looking at the Nikon D3 and D700. I haven't made up my mind yet but while looking at these two cameras I was made aware of a new Nikon lens I didn't know about.

The lens, a full frame 28-300mm came out last August but I hadn't heard anything about it. This is one really nice lens! It doesn't do much for the DX style cameras but if you are shooting full frame this may be the all in one lens you'll want. I know it's something I plan on getting when I go full frame. The reviews of the lens have been pretty good and although a lot of the lens is plastic, I was still impressed with how it handled and worked. So if you're planning on going full frame I would suggest you take a look at this lens.


  1. Yep, I like desert pics alot. The vastness and mystique has a draw to me.

    Interesting rock formations in the Red Mountain shot. Boundarys sure get in the way of an adventure sometimes!

    Like the pic of the Saguaro.

    That would be quiet a versatile lens. Sounds like you might be coming down with the camera bug!!LOL

  2. The bug is right! I had convinced myself that I wasn't going to buy a new camera until after we got back from Hawaii thinking I would rather spend the money in Hawaii on something absolutely frivolus. Then we went to the camera store and I started handling the new cameras and there I was, drooling all over the counter!

    I still may stick with the D300 for this year unless I have an unexpected financial windfall but who knows, I may get the bug so bad that I go and buy something!

  3. I can see why you would be interested in exploring Red mountain from your top photo it looks very climbable and who knows what secrets are hiding up there!

    Had a look at the 28-300 VR II reviews, sounds like a sweet lens. This would wind up being the same range as an 18-200 on our DX size cameras, a real usable range to be sure! Interesting to note that like many of the pro lenses this one takes 77mm filters.

  4. These are excelent pictures!!!!
    Since, you got your hand on those new toys, I'm sure you are going to buy one in the near future. I have shot both cameras in the past 2 years, and I have found the performance on D3, and D700 are beyond my expectations. My favorite thing on these cameras are the "color tone" is perfect on every shot. On my recommendations to chose which one is suitable for you is the D700, unless you are planning shooting sports, and birds just add another $2k to get the D3. Also, once you get one of these camera, please please please invest in FX pro- grade lenses. such as Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8, and 14-24mm f2.8. I have tested the consumer grade lenses, 3rd party lenses, and I have found the quality of the picture is significant difference vs. the pro-grade lenses.

    Like you said, you rather spending money on Hawaii trip instead of on a new camera. I have to agreed with you on this one. I bet Cheryl would happy for you to be with her on the paradise.


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