Friday, February 18, 2011

Downtown Quatsino

Took this picture a few days ago just as I pulled away from the Government Wharf in Quatsino. This is the water access only comunity that I deliver vehicles and building materials to with my landing craft on a regular basis.


  1. Living on an island, sounds nice until you really need something!

    I love the mountain in the background and the way it is lit. Is that snow on the top half?

  2. Another nice shot with a good story behind it. I always enjoy these pics!

    Alot going on in this excellent photo. I like the Sunlight striking the tops of the Mtns. and trees. The Red Roofs on the buildings must make a welcome view when coming into this port!

  3. Ron that is a light dusting of snow on the mountains in the background and as I recall it was quite cool that day out on the water.


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