Friday, February 18, 2011

What the flock?

Another one from the files. I took this about a year ago I think. I kept trying to sneak up on the birds to get closer and they kept flying away. After stalking them for about a quarter of a mile I started thinking the birds were up to something, trying to draw me in so they could peck me to death once I got far enough away from the car! LOL


  1. Makes me think of the Alfred Hitchcock movie 'The Birds". Except that movie was in B/W.

  2. That's alot of birds in one picture! Any more than 10 birds in a group can't be trusted... You were lucky!

    Except for the fact that part of the birds are red I would have taken this for a huge "murder" of crows. So what kind of birds are these anyway?

  3. What kind of birds???? Well....

    They are black with some red on their wings and the fly around a lot! LOL

  4. This picture telling me that it's time for the great migration. I like the background on this picture, and good timing on this one. Good Work!


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