Saturday, February 19, 2011

Duck, duck, duck, duck... Goose!

Many years ago in Coal Harbour one of the locals kept some domesticated Canadian Geese. Because the weather here is so mild these geese never bothered to fly South for the winter.
More recently another type of goose the Brant a much smaller Russian goose has decided to winter here also. Though these two groups of geese usually ignore each other this picture is evidence that this hasn't always been the case. Note the Brant with Canadian Goose markings.


  1. I wonder if they think of it as the 'Ugly Duckling'LOL

    Good observance and a nice photo to prove the point!

    A few years back we never had Canadians winter here in Oklahoma that I remember. Now I hear flocks overhead every morning going to feed. Even have to watch out for them crossing the streets around the ponds here in town. The folks that have been feeding them are now starting to complain a little. ' I didn't think they would make such a mess! '

    I have seen Whitetail Deer in the Trans Pecos area of west Texas sporting antlers with characteristics (usually on only one side) of the Desert Mule Deer. I wish I would have had my camera at these sightings. Quien Sabe ?

  2. So where's the duck??? LOL

    Are they sitting on the pavement because it's warm? Your one goose looks like he is imitating a flamingo, holding his one foot up!

    I learn more and more from you guys about wildlife than I ever thought I would. Not only are you entertaining, you're informative too!


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