Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nordic Pearl

Fishing ususlly gets quiet just before Christmas. Then around this time of year weather permiting it starts again. The Seagulls sure seem happy to see fishing boats back! The Nordic Pearl is one of the larger "Draggers" that deliver to Port Hardy.


  1. Always enjoy your pics relating to the fishing industry located in your area! The gulls welcoming committee seems to be in full force.

    When I goggled "Draggers" and "Nordic Pearl" , there was a picture of her docked in Brisbane, Australia in 2008. I had no idea these boats got around that much!

  2. I guess you want to make sure you're wearing a hat if you work on one of those boats!

    Nice shot. Does the new computer make things work better and faster?

  3. The new computer only serves to remind me how much I need to hone my post processing skills! LOL

    My Son's computer packed in so I gave him my Windows Vista machine and monitor... Now before you think how noble it was of me to do this, you need to understand I had an alterior motive... I replaced my old computer with a new one sporting Windows 7, a tripple core intel processor, 6 gigs of ram with a 1 terabite hdd and the best part... A new 22" HD monitor so I can actually see what I'm doing!
    Hmm wonder if my Son's old camera is ready to pack it in yet... LOL

  4. Very Nice!!!! I can see two Eagles in this picture. I wish I could see this much birds around Dallas area. Congrad on your new PC, all you have to do now is invest in a D700 or D3s with 600mm lenses for those beautiful birds in your area.

  5. It actually came from Australia. The Frosti is the only other boat that does the same tote program as the nordic pearl


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