Friday, February 11, 2011

Water, water, somebody give me some water!

I took this photo near Mesa, Arizona about four years ago while out hiking. There was one time in May of the same year that I really thought I was going to run out of water. It was already 105 in May and I was carrying a little over three gallons of water and Gatorade with me and I sucked down the last sip of fluid about 100 feet from the car.

Yea, I know, I could have gone three days without water but why? It's a lot easier to go to the bar and get a beer if you're already hydrated!

I guess I could have named this photo "Where's Waldo?". If you look closely you'll see my hiking partner in the photo.


  1. You always can live without food for 3 days, but not without water. Like I said before, you are a brave man, you are willing to conquer on all weather, and all terrain. This is all landscape photographer must have over photography skills. I think I should call you "MAN vs. WILD". By the way this picture have a great composition, but have you try the sharp mask in NX2 on this one?

  2. Good desert shot! My favorite kind of country. Cresote bushes and Saquaro cactus, helps warm a man up from these winter days. A cold cerveza or two after a 105 degree hike sure goes down easy, makes you feel like you've earned it!

  3. Ron this is a really composed photo. All the right elements are there, the colours are well saturated and the lighting looks just right. Nice shooting!


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