Friday, February 18, 2011

Paddle Surfing

I'm like Ron digging out those old photos to post on this Blog. These ladies were doing morning exercise by paddle surfing on Hanalei Bay Beach. I don't see why not, because this beach is a #1 best beach in the America announced on the CNN couple years ago. Thanks alot, now I see hundreds of people swarmed the beach everytime I took my family there.


  1. Ahhhh, Hawaii!

    I wish I would have taken another 40-50 gig of photos the last time I was there. I'm just out of Hawaii shots to post. I have started stocking up on the memory cards fot eh next trip though, should be able to take about 1000 shots a day next time!

    I like th etop shot the best, the background makes a statement as to where you are.

    I don't know how they stand on those things without falling over.

  2. Warm weather fun in some pretty water!

  3. Oh man... Just when I was getting used to the cold wet weather you go and post more of your beautiful Hawaii pictures! LOL

  4. Good shot! Looks fun! Have a wonderful weekend!


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