Friday, February 18, 2011

Oct. Festival.

These pictures are from Oct. Festival about 3 years, and these are the first photos from my D3 camera. The ISO on the first two picture were on 1600, and the bottom picuture sets at 800. I felt in love with this camera right the way, after I saw the noise level on these pictures. So therefore, if you have decided to upgrade your camera, this is the one or D700.


  1. These are some nice shots. I especially like the bottom photo with the reflections from the water.

    What flash do you use with the D3, the SB800 or 900?

    I'm still contemplating the new camera. Unless I win the lottery I will probably go with the D700. Now it's just a matter of do I buy it before or after the Hawaii trip and that will depend on how good a summer I have with work.

  2. That D3 sure turns out some nice pics! Nicely done.

  3. Three very nice photographs!I agree with Ron that bottom picture is a winner!

    A friend has a D3 and as you say the lack of noise is quite amazing compared to my D90 esoecially at the higher ISO settings.

    Next time I have a spare $10,000 Im going to buy myself a 24mp D3X and a shiny new 28-300 vr lens to go with!

    But seriously I may consider a D7000x if they ever build one or whatever 24mp camera that eventually replaces the DX format D90.


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