Sunday, February 13, 2011

More from the Arizona files

It's amazing the things that you can learn in a short time being around the right people.

I've been going back and looking at some of my old photos, some that I thought were actually pretty good, and have figured out they weren't that good to begin with. I can quickly pick out several things that I should have done differently with the photos that would have made them so much better.

It's also nice to rework some of the old photos now that I have an idea of what I'm doing with some of the post processing programs. Even with that knowledge, there are still several photos I just can't "save". LOL


  1. Enjoying this visit to the desert country of Arizona.

    Are these pics scanned images or digital pics?

    Yes, it is amazing what one can learn from being around the right people, I fully subscribe to your statement.

    I have to look back a mere 3 years when I first went digital then to finding you Shutterbugs willing to share and help with tips and suggestions.

    Has anyone tried scanning photos, post processing, with any kind of results?
    I have some that I have been thinking of trying.

  2. These are all digital photos taken with my D80.

    I have scanned a few photos and worked on them with decent success. A lot of it depends ont he photo and the scanner. The better the photo the better it scans and you want to scan it at the best resolution you can.

    Most of the "over the counter" scanners that you can get easily and cheaply have a high resolution of 600.

    Sometimes when I scan stuff that look better at the lower resolution (300 I think.

    Post processing doesn't work as good as it does with an original digital photo but hey, you're retired with lots of time on your hands, just try scanning some and playing with them. LOL

  3. Thanks Ron, I believe I will give it a try. I have some pictures that I would hate to lose to fading so will try to digitalize them. If any come out halfway decent will post a few on Shutterbugs.

  4. One other thing you might keep in mind, they now have scanners for slides that are pretty inexpensive so if you have any slides that you want to digitize they scan really easy now.

  5. Most of my pictures quickly find themselves thrown out as they are way beyond salvage... But this picture is definately a keeper! The more I see of Arizona the more I am drawn to go and explore it.

  6. Very NICE picture! I guess you have some free time to work on photoshop skills. If you want to learn more about NX2 please use this link

  7. Thanks for the link Q. I will try to look at that this week. With my slow internet connection it may take my computer that long to open it up so I can watch it! LOL


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