Thursday, February 3, 2011

Risking life and Limb

OK, so it wasn't quite that bad but I was pretty uncomfortable!
We got hit with a winter storm Monday night. It started out as ice pellets and then went to freezing rain and then back to ice pellets and was topped off by about three inches of snow. We didn't get the brunt of the storm but it was enough for me to slip and fall on my butt, totally screwing up my upper body and neck for a few days.

I had planned on staying inside where it was warm and comfortable to recuperate from my fall until Aaron sent me an e-mail saying he bet the moutnains looked good covered in snow and I was probably out taking lots of photos.

Kids! I just hate it when they're right!!

I had to get out to go to the post office anyway so I took my camera and one lens thinking I might see something from the road. After getting out of the car several times in below zero wind chills I finally got some decent photos and decided to head to the house, cussing Aaron the whole way! LOL


  1. I heard there might have been a bit of snow down your way... LOL

    I have to say your trip to the Post Office resulted in a couple of fantastic winter pictures, I am particularly drawn to the bottom shot!

  2. Sometimes sacrifices are part of the job being the "Mountain Gazette"----'Roving Reporter'. LOL! Your reader base Thanks You!!

    The Refuge looks nice dressed in winter! Thanks for the great pics.


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