Thursday, February 24, 2011


OK, so it wasn't a UFO. I was going to title the photo "Look Ma, No tripod!".

The photo was taken of a cruise ship sitting just off the Lahaina Harbor on Maui. I took the photo with a Sony point and shoot from the lanai of my room one night after we had returned from having dinner. I knew better than to even try but I did it anyway. The camera has a 10x zoom on it and I had it zoomed all the way out and I cropped these photos by about two-thirds. As you can guess, this picture and the one I posted yesterday were taken hand held and after a day of being a tourist and having a cocktail (or two).

Q got me to thinking about Hawaii again (like I ever stop) when he posted the photos of the paddle surfers. This got me looking at my old Hawaii photos to see what I had that I could post that wouldn't bore everybody. This last one was also taken from the lanai of our room but during the day (and hand held with the same point and shoot). This was about 7:30 a.m. and there were already people sitting in the lounge chairs waiting to get those bronze bodies.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't understand the concept of traveling thousands of miles to a tropical paradise to sit by a pool.


  1. I was sure it was a combine on steroids! LOL

    The frame you put around the pool picture really highlights the blue of the pool and deck chairs around it!

    Hawaii... Never think about it, I love the constant rain and overcast days here on the West Coast. NOT!

  2. Now I see. The famous 'Unfocused Floating Object ". Q might have a valid point about using a tripod!LOL

    Nice! Room with a view.

  3. WOW! the bottom picture is a cover magazine. I'm sure you going to have more picture from Maui on your next trip due to your new fancy gears. For me, it's only 3 more months before I can feel the golden sand between my toes. For the time being, I need to plan my camping trip in 3 weeks at camp Doris.


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