Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cold and clear... Burrr

Port Hardy Coast Guard Station

Have the Arctic outflow winds happening in this part of the world just now! Beautiful photography weather but too cold to stay out of the truck for very long... Why can't it just be summer again for a few days at least! LOL


  1. Nicely composed and well focused. Colours are very crisp. This pic has a lot going on in it!

    The bright sun makes one think it is a warm day but a close look at the top of the docks shows some ice or snow still hanging on. All those pigeons must be taking advantage of reflected heat from the sun striking the tin roof.

    Warmer weather will probably be up your way soon. We had 78F today and it felt GOOD!!

  2. You are a lucky man to live in the beautiful coastline like this. I don't think the cold weather would stopping me to go out to take pictures in the wonderful place like this. I like it!

  3. I love the snow covered mountains in the background. For some reason I keep thinking there ought to be a volcano there somewhere! LOL

    Nice shot!

  4. There is a volcano there! Thank goodness it is behaving it's self. In fact the entire West Coast has a string of volcanos from California to Alaska. The last one to misbehave was Mount. St. Hellens in Washington State.

  5. I knew that. No, I really did!! LOL

    I forgot about that, isn't that area called the ring of fire or something really scary like that?


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