Thursday, February 17, 2011

Unexpected snowfall...

I guess the snowfall was unexpected for me anyway... I pored my first cup of coffee for the day and looked out the kitchen window into the inky darkness and saw funny white things falling past the streetlight at the head of my driveway.
I've since come to find that everyone else pays attention to the weather forcast and nobody I talked to seemed surprised or even the least bit thrilled by the white stuff except my dog who tore around while I took a few pictures.


  1. WOW!!!!!!

    These are good brother. I love the 2nd one the most due to the sail boat in the frame. Are there anyway you could get down near the edge of the lake, and take this shot again? I think it could be a better if you don't have those trees on the bottom of the picture. Please don't do it if there are risk involved to do this. Nice job.

  2. These are great shots! I don't know which one I like best. I think I disagree with Q on the second one, I kind of like the extra trees int he bottom of the frame. I especially like the cloud or fog or blowing snow (what ever that is) in the background trees.

    Your dogs sure seem to have the life!

  3. Nice captures all. Beautiful mountain shot. Your dog sure is having a good time.


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