Sunday, February 13, 2011

B+W CP filter.

I got this B+W filter, and other filters from Christmas present. I did not get a chance to test these filters out until last winter storm from last week. I took these shots from walking distance from my house. I'm very impressed how the filter handled the lighting when I shoot against the Sun like you see on the bottom picture. It was very cold day so I did not want to stay out long to setup my tripod. Therefore, the sharpness is not as good as I expected.


  1. Man, some Guys get all the good toys!LOL

    First, I did not realize North Texas got slammed with that much snow.

    Second, I,m kind of glad because I get to see the B+W Filter at work!LOL

  2. You have more snow in Texas than we have here in Canada! Have to love that "Global Warming"...

    Your new CP filter did a very nice job shooting towards the sun. What a nice Christmas gift!

  3. No tripod?? Now you're shooting like the rest of us shlubs! LOL

    It looks like the filter did a nice job. Hopefully that snow will melt soon!


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