Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On the fly

I am still digging through my old photos since I haven't been out shooting any new ones. This one is from Sedona, AZ. As much as I know Q is going to chastize me for this, this photo was shot on the fly, one handed, while driving the car about 45 mph.

I don't remember why but for some reason I couldn't (or wouldn't) stop so I fell back on the old P.I. habits and stuck the camera out the window and started shooting. No tripod, no viewfinder just point and shoot. Sometimes you just get lucky!


  1. Magical place with some amazing red rocks!
    Nice photo for a quick fly by.

  2. Am I only a bad guy in this blog? This is a great shot considering from a guy that doesn't cares about the tripod rule. LOL. Nice Work Brother!

  3. You're not the bad guy Q, I just figure somebody has to give you a hard time. I don't want you getting soft on us.

    Tripod rule? There's a rule?? I hate rules!! LOL

    Maybe in about twenty years when the camera gets to heavy for me to hold I will listen to that tripod rule, maybe! LOL

  4. If you hadn't said otherwise this looks like a well thought out and well composed photograph taken with a tripod...
    Here in British Columbia it is illegal to text or talk on your cell while driving but I don't recall seeing anything about not taking pictures out the window while driving narrow winding roads at highway speeds! LOL


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