Friday, February 11, 2011

Jackson Hole Back Country On Fuji HS10 Camera.

I thought riding the horse for an hour is easy! It tooks all the muscles in your body to keep yourself on the back of the horse. After an hour of this ride, I could not even walk to my car. Now I'm really appreciated for those folks back in the 1800's on the horse back go across the country for months. By the way, the river you see in the first picture is the Snake river.


  1. Yippee Ky aay!!

    I've only had two experiences with horses, one bad and the other terrible!

    I love the top shot! That's a great photo, espescially since it was taken with a point and shoot.

  2. What an excellent horseback adventure!

    All the horses I've ridden seems to have three speeds. First gear I like, nice and slow don't have to hang on much. Then when they go into second gear their wheels get really square and you get jossled all over the place, gives me a headache! And third gear not for me... Way too fast and the darn things don't seem to have a kill switch either, they just keep on running when the rider hits the ground, at least mine do!

    That Fuji point and shoot did a nice job capturing these photos!

  3. Beautiful country in that part of the Rockies. Nice picture of the Snake River making its way thru the valley.

    I haven't rode a horse in three or four years now but it is still a preferred way for exploring the back country. Your pics makes me want to plan another horseback adventure!

    In the last pic is that the Tetons standing in the background?

  4. Parker,
    You are correct. That's Grand Tetons in the background.

  5. Quynh Le when I was a young boy my Dad made many ventures from Oklahoma to Montana in the early 1950's. We eventually lived there from around 1952 to 1956 or 7. The Tetons always stuck in my mind as the most beautiful and prominate peaks in the Rockies. Jackson Hole,Wy. was just a little place with a couple of motels and a little cafe where we ate breakfast before starting our journey either north or south.


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