Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Afternoon walk

Parker your picture of the two Canadian Geese sleeping on the sand bar brought to mind this picture I took several weeks ago.
While heading up to Quatse Lake one rainy afternoon I saw this pair walking leisurely up the road, the rain didn't bother them, it just ran off their backs. It was as though they were two old friends reminiscing about old times. Funny to watch.
Our feathered friends certainly have inspired many a post on this blog site over the years...


  1. i just love that. warmed my heart.

  2. Finally, some Canadian geese in Canada! I was beginning to think all you had up there were eagles. LOL

  3. Always nice to have someone to carry on a conversation with and walk. Wonder what they were discussing?

  4. Happy to have jogged your memory. Old friends and memories are priceless! The geese each seem to have their own path to walk with a single trail in the middle where they meet. Just like us humans! Neat words and pic!


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