Friday, April 26, 2013

Random wildflowers

Just a few random wildflower pictures over the past week. As I come across them I take their pictures. The only one I know is the second one down which is Wild Strawberry. 

All these shots are with the Nikon D7100 and Nikon 18-300 lens which is proving to be a great walk around camera / lens combo.


  1. Very nice shots. In looking at them I would have said you used a tripod to get the shots but I know better. LOL

  2. What a variety of subjects you have been shooting with your new rig. Wonderful performance on all counts! Enjoy seeing the results as you become more familiar and comfortable with the equipment. Keep those Wildflower shots coming!

  3. Those are very beautiful flowers. All nicely captured. The bokeh that the lens creates is amazing. Have you tried cropping the third photo down to get the detail in the center of the flower?


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