Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Strange Critters

Spent a little time at the OKC Arts Festival last Friday. Always like to stroll around the Folk Art sculptures. Never know what the imaginations of the artists will create.

I was wondering what happened to my leaf rake? Oh Well, it does make a good rudder for this land fish!

This wheeled predator reminds me of an alligator gar from the looks of it's mouth. Seems it was made with about anything and everything that wasn't tied down!


  1. pretty cool stuff! i like the wire art but the center fish is my fave.

  2. I'm with Tex on this one, I think the fish is the best. The wire sculptures are pretty neat too. The last one is just plain weird! LOL

  3. Very colorful and whimsical pieces. Isn't it wonderful to have finally arrived in the outdoor art season again?! These pieces would work beautifully with the May Theme Day: Artisans

  4. Great pictures and what an interesting find! I really like this far out art from scraps, quite the imagination this artist has.

  5. I have to admire the creations of an artist. Very interesting piece of art.


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