Thursday, April 25, 2013

Not So Early Birds

Ron and I were going to get up early and try to catch a few photos of the sunrise. We just didn't wake up in time. But the cloud bank was thick that day and made for a beautiful view anyway. I couldn't decide which perspective I liked on the bottom shot so I just posted them both. As you can see in the top photo, a tourist decide to walk into my shot. 


  1. Damn tourists! LOL The top shot looks like an HDR image.

    I'm with Tex, the middle shot is fantastic!!

  2. Seems to me I have seen your tourist before! Middle shot is great but all are well done!

  3. I'm with Tex, I like the middle one.


  4. Darn tourists... And you just know they are going to take forever when they show up with a tripod. Ha ha!

    All good shots though I have to agree with everyone, middle shot for sure, more sky and horizon if nothing else.


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