Thursday, April 25, 2013

More Geese (slightly blurry)

Aaron and I had just finished shooting a spillway waterfall when these geese started to show up on the lake we were at. Aaron was switching lenses at the time (I think) and I wasn't paying attention to the settings on my camera so these came out a little blurry. I was in aperture priority at the time and didn't have a fast enough shutter speed to completely freeze the action.
Taking photos on the fly is getting harder and harder. I'm not sure my brain works that fast any more!


  1. I wouldn't want to be on that Goose's bad side!

  2. Your just conveying the motion with the blur. LOL They really don't look all that blurry though.

  3. Looks like a real goose chase in that top pic! Water walking, splashing and honking, equals lots of action in these shots! Nice!

  4. I agree with Aaron, the slight amount of blur does show the motion of what is going on in these pictures. Both nice captures!


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