Friday, April 26, 2013

The Tourist's View

Good Morning Sunshine!
This is the view the old man had from the end of the walkway out to the lake. This is an HDR image made from five bracketed shots in the D800. I could have taken a nine shot bracket but there was some kid behind me telling me to get out of his shot. LOL


  1. laughing at the two of you!

    we'll take the 5 you got, then!

  2. Excellent results! The best HDR pictures are the ones where you don't suspect that they are HDR unless someone tells you. This picture looks so natural.

    1. Thanks Paul! Shooting the bracketed images and merging them as an HDR brought out a lot more of the color in the sunrise.

  3. That turned out awesome! Beautiful color in the sky and a nice glow across the water. I didn't mind you being in my shot. Makes for good memories. :)

  4. Your picture of the tourist Aaron was good too. :)


  5. Agree with Paul. Nice morning in the Wichitas!


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