Monday, April 22, 2013

Newest videographer...

My Step-Son Jake and I took the dogs to the beach yesterday... Buster got to be the Videographer for the day. He was quite proud! Check out his video on YouTube if you have fast enough internet... 


  1. I think I need some dramamine! LOL

    I like the parts where he went into the water and the camera went underwater. It seems to take some pretty good photos.

  2. Buster is one busy fellow. Easy to see he was having a grand time at the beach. Fun to watch!

  3. I agree with Ron, I should have taken a dramamine!! This is pretty cool though. How did you attach the go pro to Buster's collar?
    Just might have to try this with the girlz this summer, thanks for the post.
    Hey Ron, Got Snow??? LOL

    1. The GoPro cameras have a number of different mounts that come with them and as after market items. In this case we used a bicycle handlebar mount and just clamped it on his collar.

    2. cool, we'll have to give it a try :)

  4. Neat video. I really liked being able to see underwater. Have to get him to swim out farther next time!!


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