Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Where do you think I learned it?

From dad of course!!! He climbed up first, I just decided the other side looked better.

This is probably the picture I took when Ron took my picture. Defiantly work climbing all the way to the top!

If I had thought to bring shorts I would have waded into the pool at the bottom of the water but, not wanting to be wet for the hike back I stay out. Next time I am bringing shorts in my back pack!!


  1. Caught some good views of Post Oak Falls. Sure wish I could have got away while you guys were there.

    Like the shot of Ron playing Mountain Goat. Also nice that you climbed on up to get that third shot of the falls. Gives it a good perspective for the lay of the land.

  2. Great set of pictures and what a beautiful setting!

    You guys need to start taking climbing gear with you for your photo excursions...

  3. Those came out really nice. I especially like the bottom shot showing the water pool.

    Climbing gear? I need to loose a few, well, several, more pounds before we do that! LOL


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