Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A little something for Parker

On our last trip to the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma we arrived a couple of days after a huge rain storm. This was the road leading up to the dam at Quanah Parker Lake. Keep in mind this was THREE days afer the storm. It was late in the day on the third day that they re-opened the road for travel.


  1. A great shot! Thanks for posting.

    It's been along time since I've seen any water to speak of flowing in that creek. Three days the road was closed is just amazing! Can't wait till I can get away to go visit again. With all that rain, June wildflowers should be pretty nice!

  2. And who knows what interesting things all that rain and swollen creeks may have exposed. Always a good time to go out and look around after a good winter storm!


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